Love The Way You Are

Romance, Comedy, Food

Zhen Yuan Yuan is a plump girl who fell in love with her high school senior named Ruan Dong Shen but they were separated due to some misunderstanding. Many years later they were once again reunited in their adulthood. Now Yuan Yuan had slim down and became a fashion model with the stage name Eva while Dong Shen became a successful entrepreneur and chef. They began an incredibly miraculous journey of love together may not be as he planned.

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This drama is not just any rom-com, this drama has a message to deliver too. Zhen Yuan Yuan during her school was a healthy kid, she was humiliated by her schoolmates and she blames her first love, Ruan Dong Shen, for it. After this incident Yuan Yuan has a total makeover, she tones down and becomes a model. Yuan Yuan aka Eva meets Ruan Dong Shen and they have a hate-love relationship. Ruan Dong Shen is a celebrity chef who appoints Eva as his Brand representative. Ruan is unaware that his first love is none other than Eva aka Yuan Yuan who he has been searching for a long time. Eva has a dream of modeling for and becomes a model for him. Eva doesn't want her secret of being Yuan Yuan and her disease to be known to anyone especially Ruan, therefore, she tries to avoid him but Ruan finds a way to stick around her and their love story begins.

I loved how Ruan told Yuan "You have my heart and I have your stomach". He loved her fat or thin, he accepted her with her insecurities. It is just amazing how he loves her so unconditionally. I am in awe of him. The message of self-love was so clearly explained, Yuan tells Ruan that she needs to love her self first only then can she expect him to love her. If you are a foodie you will be able to relate Yuan Yuan because she loves food. The supporting characters Xiao Nan who is Yuan's childhood BFF now manager, he is the backbone of Yuan Yuan. I loved the chemistry he and Yuan had so refreshing to not see a heartbroken second lead, he was her BFF throughout. Luo is the Manger of Ruans's business and also Xiao's girl. Xiao and Luo's love story was also funny and cute. The relationship between these four characters was amazing.

If you are looking for a light romance this is it. I bet you will fall for Ruan because he is a cute and amazing puiyo (boyfriend).

Meet the cast

Judy Qi as Zhen Yuan Yuan

Derek Chang as Ruan Dong Shen

Ma Meng Wei as Luo Yi Ren

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