Romance, Comedy, Drama

This is a story about students who enter an app base course for various reasons and how they meet their mismatched partners.

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I just watched it a few days back and I want to re-watch it already. The series showcases the issues we as young adults face. I loved how raw and true the characters were in the series. It has left me wanting for more, left me wanting to watch the second season already.
I picked a lot of things from the series that I want to try because it is so much fun. Must watch !!!

Who hasn't been crushing on Rohit Saraf? I was drooling the entire time :P I have loved Prajakta's craziness before and in this series, she nailed it. I may have been a fan of them before the series but after the series, I LOVEEEE them more now. I could feel their chemistry and love which made me squeal like an idiot half the time.
The other characters were also very interesting and humorous. The chemistry between the characters was uhhmazing. The plot is very well written and put up.
Keeps you wanting for more.

Meet the cast

Rohit Saraf

Devyani Shorey

Kritika Bharadwaj

Prajakta Koli

Vihaan Samat

Rannvijay Singh

Vidya Malvade

Abhinav Sharma

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