My Dear Lady

Romance, Drama

The drama tells the story of full-time wife Ling Xun Xun who faces divorce after six years of marriage. Cheng Li and Li Xun Xun face obstacles over their age gap love and the opposition from Cheng Li's family.

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If you aren’t a fan of cheesy, lovey-dovey drama, this might not be your cup of tea but if you are a die-hard romantic you MUST WATCH THIS!(The couple is too cute) I really liked how this drama focused on the struggles and life of a divorcee. This drama may seem quite slow for a few of you as the story enfolds faster in the first few episodes and then slows down in the later episodes. I loved how understanding the leads were towards each other and they were the reason for the growth of the other.

This is an age gap drama, Ling Xun Xun is a divorcee and is six years older than Cheng Li. Cheng Li is The CEO of a beauty product and needs a new assistant who will do all things right because he cannot afford a single mistake. Ling Xun Xun is inexperienced despite that she is appointed as Cheng Li‘s assistant.

Ling Xun Xun learns from Cheng Li, Cheng Li begins to fall for Ling Xun Xun but their age gap can be a hurdle in their relationship.

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Liu Te

Sky Li

Jiang Meng

Zhang Guan Sen

Viola Mi

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