My Girlfriend is an Alien

Romance, Comedy, Fantasy

Hailing from planet Cape Town, Chai Xiao Qi finds herself held up on Earth after accidentally losing a homing device. She is not just an ordinary alien, but a coquettish master at chasing guys. One she inhales men's hormones, it becomes a drug that releases her deepest inhibitions and puts her in the state of mind of a total fangirl. In order to survive among the humans, Chai Xiao Qi relies on her supernatural abilities to get out of trouble time and again.
Meanwhile, Fang Leng is an overbearing CEO who suffers from amnesia whenever it rains which causes him to forget the women around him on rainy days. These unusual circumstances between Chai Xiao Qi and Fang Leng ultimately lead to a romance that is full of laughs.

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Fang Leng is a famous CEO who has selective amnesia; Every time it rains he forgets the women in his life (which is why he is called a player) but an accident leads him to meet Chai Xiao Qi, an alien who is left behind on Earth. Fang Leng meets with an accident and Xiao Qi heals him. This is when Xiao Qi loses her homing device ( a device that helps her to connect with other aliens) but the good news is her personal assistant is alive, but in the form of a tortoise.

Xiao Qi needs her homing device in order to return. She meets Fang Lie (younger brother of Fang Leng) and they become friends. Fang Lie and Xiao Qi are always helping each other out. But somethings go wrong in the end and Fang Leng comes to their rescue. Xiao Qi and Fang Leng keep meeting co-incidentally and they slowly fall in love.
But Xiao Qi has to return.

My views: I started watching this drama because of Bie Thassapak Hsu (Fang Leng). I have seen his other dramas and he is HOT!
This drama has a lot of comedy and definitely a lot of romance too. If you like jealous heroes, you will love this one because our hero is super jealous and a one-woman kinda guy. The way he looks out for her is amazing. Even though she has powers, he is the one saving her. This is a light romance drama and you can binge-watch this in a day or two!

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Wan Peng

Bie Thassapak Hsu

Wang You Jun

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