Parallel Love (2020)

Hate-love, Time travel, Romance

Lin Miao, a successful events manager from the year 2020 accidentally time travels back to 2010. She receives a mission revealing that if she wants to return to the future, she must help Jiao Yang, who is the Vice President of Hong Yu, become the president of the company within 3 months. If she fails, she will disappear forever. In the process, there accumulates a sweet, romantic love story of Jiao Yang and Lin Miao.

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Parallel love is a time travel romance drama. If you love watching romance or hate –love romance you can go for this one. The drama wast stretched unnecessarily, it was a 24 episode drama. In the ending, I wanted to know what happens to them as a couple, I wanted more (Are we ever satisfied?)

In the beginning, I was confused about time travel and how it worked but I did understand it later. There was a question that I had which was unanswered till the end. There is a lot of drama in the drama. I wish they focused more on time travel. I wanted to know what the life of Lin Miao (Shi Shi)was before she time traveled.

It is easy to predict the drama if you have watched a bunch of c dramas. I loved their hate-love romance. The drama was wrenching because of the whole time-traveling thing. Be ready with a tissue box. They begin to compliment each other as a couple. They pick the other's good habits really fast. The main characters understood each other was fast.

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Li Hong Yi

Luao Zheng

Kira Shi

Yang Ze

Wang Yu

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