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Three years following the events of Dr. Romantic, Kim Sa-bu (Han Suk-kyu) comes to Geodae Hospital to recruit a general surgeon. He finds Seo Woo-jin (Ahn Hyo-seop), a doctor with a troubled past who is ostracized by his fellow doctors, and offers him the job. In the meantime, Cha Eun-jae (Lee Sung-kyung) is suspended after making another mistake in the operation room and has no other choice but to follow the two doctors to Doldam Hospital.

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I have seen Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim (Season 1) a long while back and vaguely remember it. I do remember that I had found it interesting...I mean I happen to like medical dramas I guess :D

I had high hopes for this drama after watching the promo. I LOVE Lee Sung Kyung’s acting and find her oh so beautiful in that gutsy attitude that her characters usually portray (Refer : Weightlifting Kim Bok Joo, About Time, Doctors, Cheese in the trap, etc). I love her acting when she’s crying. You can feel her sorrow and you want to cry right along with her. Its highly moving. In this drama she plays a character named Cha Eun Jae who’s a second-year cardiac surgery fellow. She has a problem with being in surgeries as she tends to vomit or fall asleep during surgery as a side effect of her the medicines she takes (I is she still a surgeon?! But it’s a fictional dramas so we’ll be overlooking that).

Our hero (sort of I guess, since Doctor Kim Sa Bu is also considered a major one) is Seo Woo Jin played by the upcoming actor Ahn Hyo-Seop. This guy is a definite hottie. I noticed him during a couple of other dramas but he definitely gained popularity with his latest drama Abyss. I loved his pairing with Lee Sung Kyung and was super excited as they seemed to have a lot of chemistry in the promos.

As it turns out I am majorly disappointed with the romance in this series. The initial episodes blew my mind, I loved them! They had built up such a nice groundwork for an epic plot and romance but it all just got washed away in the drain. I don’t want to be that angry reviewer forcing out her pent-up frustration when the drama she had high hopes for slowly turns to shit, but I guess I am now. I’m literally sobbing at this epic fail in romance that this show has. And the tile has the word romantic in it, so you’d think there would be more romance?!

The medical aspect of this drama is somewhat of a saving grace and makes it watchable. Also, the side characters definitely keep it going. Actually, the only thing that disappoints is the romance.

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Han Suk-kyu as Master Kim

Ahn Hyo-seop as Seo Woo-jin

Lee Sung-kyung as Cha Eun-jae

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