Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon

Romance, Supernatural, Office Romance, Comedy

Born with supernatural strength, Bong-soon fights evil and procures justice while getting tangled in a love triangle with her CEO boss and cop crush.


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Ria and Sakorn



Posted On:

24 February 2020

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Released On:

23 February 2017

Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon

This is my on-repeat, absolute favorite Kdrama of all time EVER! I can rewatch it any day!

This drama has literally everything - romance, comedy, thriller, mystery, a strong female character, etc. All the genres are so well combined and make such an epic wholesome series. I will always be shipping for this couple. Oh and if my heart doesn't just skip a beat everytime I think of their relationship. I could watch them together forever <3 (And I'm not even slightly joking). This drama is known across nation-wide for the chemistry that these two share on-screen (and off-screen too!). That intense way in which our hero looks at Bong-Soon just melts our hearts and makes us yearn for someone like that! Where's my Min-Hyuk with that loving gaze at?!


Do Bong-Soon played by Park Bo-Young (Phenomenal actress FYI) is a super strong girl. She has a superpower that makes her stand out. Despite being this bad-ass chick she's got a tender heart, which most people don't see (Unlike our hero..*wink*)

She's had a longtime crush on her childhood best friend In Guk-Doo. In Guk-Doo is a police officer who's loyal and bleeds all things justice and good.

Ah Min-Hyuk played by Park Hyun-Shik (Definitely an actor to look out for!) is our swoon-worthy hero. He is a CEO of a gaming company called Ainsoft and is filthy rich. Our characters meet when Min-Hyuk happens across Bong-soon beating the living daylights out of a gang. Unlike most people, he doesn't cower in fear but is rather intrigued and impressed by her.

He soon appoints her as his bodyguard as he's being blackmailed and threatened. Their romance begins here!

CAUTION: Too much cuteness and love ahead!

I loved the progression of their romance. They start out as simple colleagues and slowly form this sweet friendship and then fall head over heels for each other. The love they share for each other is no joking matter. Its intense, its moving, its tear jerking, its...EPIC.

Now the series is not all hearts and roses. It has a really really good plotline that keeps you glued to the screen. The story follows a series of kidnappings happening in the city where Bong-Soon happens to get herself into this mess. As events go down she steps up to fight against the kidnapper (Did I mention 'Girl Power!'?) and this worries Min-Hyuk as he loves her dearly and fears for her life. But as the kidnapper targets someone near and dear to her, she doesn't back down.


The struggles these two overcome really show how much they love each other no matter what. They understand, respect and protect each other, always.

The story is so well written - it is a perfect balance of two genres. This is the ultimate binge-worthy drama. You will fall in love with this couple, guaranteed. The way they both look out for each other is amazing! Their acting is superb, they make it feel so real, their eyes had all the emotions it needed. I love how Park Min-Hyuk loved Bong Soo; that even though she was special to the world with the powers she had, she would always be his bong-soon, powers or no powers.

And incase this still hasn't convinced you to watch it, maybe this will :
"The series was a commercial hit and became one of the highest rated Korean dramas in cable television history." You hear that? This drama made history, people!
Now go watch it!!


Meet the cast

Park Bo Young as Do Bong-Soon

Park Bo Young as Do Bong-Soon

Park Hyung Shik as Park Min-Hyuk

Park Hyung Shik as Park Min-Hyuk

Ji Soo as In Guk-Doo

Ji Soo as In Guk-Doo

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