The King : Eternal Monarch

Romance, Drama, Fantasy

Korean emperor Lee Gon tries to close the doors to a parallel world that was opened by demons; a detective tries to protect the people and the one she loves.

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This drama quickly became the biggest hit of 2020 after it topped the charts on Netflix worldwide. A thrilling fantasy romance, this was the most anticipated korean drama. It marks the return of Lee Min Ho, the heartthrob of millions of fans worldwide, from his 2 years of mandatory military service.

I personally was beyond thrilled to binge this for one reason mainly: Woo Do Hwan. I've been his fan since Tempted and have been wanting to catch him in a good role since. His character portrayed in this drama was everything! It stole my heart. His loyalty, bravery, humor and love for his family was what kept me pushing that rewind button a million times as I watched the drama. He was SO GOOD with his roles and his eyes speak so much!

Lee Min Ho talks so much with his eyes in his dramas and in this one damn he said it all. I cannot imagine someone else playing this role, he was P.E.R.F.E.C.T. His body language and his voice when he gave orders as the King. I can now associate the word "Peha" only with Lee Min Ho. Lee Min Ho's obsession over his lead roles tying their hair continues in this drama .LOL!

I loved the duo of Lee Min Ho and Wo Do Hwan both on-screen and off-screen, they have complimented each other so well in the drama.

In a nutshell, this drama has outstanding cinematography, excellent actors and a heart pounding storyline. Apart from the first few episodes which starts off with a little slump, it quickly picks up to become one of the most gripping dramas I’ve seen till date. You’ve missed on something epic if you haven’t seen this yet!
Written by Kim Eun-Sook, a writer who has previously scripted legendary drama’s such as Descendants of the sun, Goblin, Heirs, etc. I loved how they took the same old time travel plotline and added elements that made it pop. The story tells of parallel worlds that our hero can travel through with the help of a mythical flute. He hails from a world where kings reign over kingdoms.

(To be honest, when I first heard about this joseon period - present world crossover style story, I was a little bummed. It's something that's happened in a million dramas before and totally unoriginal. But I was pleasantly ecstatic to see that even though His Highness Mr. Holy Hotness *our male lead* is a king in his world, it’s still a pretty modern world very similar to ours :)

So there are essentially two worlds shown - Kingdom of Corea (The king’s world) and Republic of Korea (our world, where the female lead resides). Every doppelganger while worlds apart with different lives, along with identical faces they also share the same core values. Two of the major ones are below:
Jo Yeong & Eun Seop: They both are supremely loyal and will give their life to protect the ones they love. Along with good looks and a kind loyal heart they were the show stealers and also my most favorite characters!

Jong Tae-Ul & Luna: While they are on complete opposite sides of the law they share one core trait: bravery. We don't get to see a whole lot of Luna but from what we do see, it's very clear that both these doppelgangers are courageous and strive to survive.

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