The Perfect Match

Kitchen Romance

Huo Ting En is a renowned chef who trained at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. He specializes in Curry dishes from Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and India at his restaurant, La Mure. He crosses paths with Night Market chef Wei Fen Qing after netizens claim that her dishes are a cheaper version of his. Love eventually blooms between the two, but their union is hindered by a past secret.

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This is my first kitchen themed drama (apart from the random masterchef episodes I binge). It was also my first and only Taiwanese drama. Unexpectedly, I really enjoyed watching this!

The characters are very mature and developed. The story does get silly at times though. I loved watching them grow as chefs and share trade secrets and improve their cooking.

There wasn't much in the way of it being amazing or overly great. It's a one-time watch drama.

I wasn't fond of the triangle that happened. It was unnecessary and not executed well. Overall, this drama is light hearted, fun and is low on melodrama (last 2 episodes being an exception).
If you love cooking shows and romance, you'll like this!

Meet the cast

Wu Kang-jen as Huo Ting En

Ivy Shao as Wei Fen Qing

Ben Wu as Meng Shao Wei

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