Triad Princess

Action, Romance, Comedy

Growing up in the shadows of her triad boss father, Angie craves an independent life of her own.
Defying her father's wishes, she runs away from home and takes on a gig as an undercover bodyguard for a famous actor. She must now learn to navigate the unfamiliar world of glitz, glamour, and even love.

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Angie Ni is a Gangster's daughter who has impeccable skills in fighting. She believes in love though she hasn't been lucky in the love list. She is a one-woman army. She believes in following her heart. She is exactly like a coconut hard on the outside but soft inside. She is a crazy fan of Xu Yi Hang, an actor. She gets an opportunity to be a bodyguard for Ling Yun, this gives her an opportunity to stay close to Xu Yi Hang. She takes this amazing opportunity but this means she needs to run away from home and she does that.
Her life begins to change a lot after entering the world of glamour and paparazzi. She uses her skills for the people around her. Her soft heart begins to attract Xu Yi Hang and he falls in love with her but can a relationship ever stay a secret in the glam world? NO! Soon the world knows about their relationship, two gangs are hunting for her. Her life just becomes a mess.

This series has a CLIFFHANGER! I was unaware of this and watched it. Angie Ni had awesome action skills, her headstrong character was portrayed really well. I just thought her facial expressions did not go well with the character sometimes. There is romance but just a tad bit of it maybe because this season had just 6 episodes. The side characters were really good. This drama has a good amount of comedy too. I loved the scene where her dad convinces her to come back home, it was way too cute and funny. I loved Ling Yun it was a treat to watch her. Ling Yun loves elephants that is why he even has elephant dolls, nightdresses, and cups which by the way is forbidden to be used by others. Him liking elephants gave a different angle of his character altogether.

I would suggest only 18+ to watch this.

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