Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

Romance, Comedy, Sports

Bok Joo is a weightlifter who is pursuing her dream of winning the gold medal but she then finds romance for the first time in her life. While she is a woman who trains with heavy steel weights, she is also very feminine when it comes to relationships. To focus solely on weightlifting would jeopardize her relationship but leaving her weightlifting career for love would keep her from attaining her dreams. Can she find a way to have love as well as glory at the age of 20? The characters within this drama are elite athletes in weightlifting, swimming and rhythmic gymnastics who work hard to reach their goals in life. It covers their coming-of-age stories and relationships through hectic life.

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Weightlifting Kim Bok Joo is one of a kind. This drama stole our hearts from the first episode. An all time favourite of ours – this drama has some serious re-watch potential!

Kim Book Joo is a talented weightlifter who is full of “Swaaaag” and loves eating (luckily, weightlifters have to eat a lot!). She is caring and protective of her loved ones; She is also physically strong but with a tender heart.

In college, she accidentally bumps into her childhood friend, Jung Joon Hyung, a swimmer. To Bok Joo’s horror, he is thrilled to bump into her and cannot stop teasing her by calling her childhood nickname – “Chubs”.

Going forward, Bok Joo develops this HUGE crush on a doctor who also happens to be Joon Hyung’s brother, Jung Jae Yi (Coincidences everywhere!). This crush leads Joon Hyung and Book Joo to spend a lot of time together and soon they become inseparable.

This series has everything to make it wholesome and a fun watch – Comedy and romance interwoven with life long friendships and competitive sports. It is like a breath of fresh air and isn’t melodramatic at all. All the emotions hit you in the right place. The chemistry between the main leads is too good! I loved how they showed both sides of an athlete, the soft and the strong one. The cast is amazing and everyone killed it in their roles. I ship this couple so hard! And would you believe back when I watched this drama, they were dating in real life?! My fandom heart just about burst!

I swear, you will never get bored with this drama even if you watch it on repeat. A must watch for sure!

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Lee Sung Kyung

Lee Jae Yoon

Nam Joo Hyuk

Jo Hye Jung

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Lee Joo Young

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