Wish Woosh 2


The drama is centered around Min Ji Woo and her feelings and concerns towards love. She is a hard-working, confident and a nearly perfect worker. One day, a new employee joins her workplace and turns her life upside-down.

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Moon Ji Woon works in a small firm as a marketing head. She doesn't believe in the in-office romance.
She meets Lee Min and Lee Min falls instantly in love with her. They have a moment together and spend quality time with each other.
A new employee enters in Moon Ji Woon's office who is no other than Lee Min this where the trouble begins.

It is a short drama with just 10 episodes that is why I was craving for more. All the more their chemistry is good if only it had a longer duration their chemistry would be a hit. I loved how Lee Min never gave up on her. If you want to finish a romantic series in an hour you can watch this. There is also a second lead but he also gets a happy ending .YAY!!

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Song Ji Eun

Shin Jeong You

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